The Penland Cabin

The Penland Cabin
Summer, 2005

Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Friday is a go for Sept. 6

Greetings all.

Please plan to join us First Friday on the first Friday of September.  6:30, same bat cave. See you then.  I keep meaning to tell you all how much I appreciate you.  You keep writing in your life.  You read smartly.  You've been attending this group, many of you, for a decade or more.  The work being shared at First Friday has never been better than it is now.  Okay, we miss Calypso but she'll come back some day, I'm sure of it. We're sorry Mark got hurt in a bike wreck.  He'll be back full speed very soon, we're sure.  Tom's gonna join us with new work.  A big toast your way, FF.  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening.