The Penland Cabin

The Penland Cabin
Summer, 2005

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Change of Plan for Friday 11/12/10 -- Kerouac House!! 8 PM !! See below for Details

Friends, I can't resist doing this. I'm pasting the announcement for the event Friday night at the Kerouac House. We will not meet at Woolson House at 6:30, but instead will join the celebration at the Kerouac House after the successful residency of the New York writer Mona Washington, who will do a final event.

I know it is listed as a fundraiser, and that they ask you to bring something. If you can, it's good, but don't let that stuff chase you off. First Friday and the Kerouac Project are very close in spirit with many of the same members. If you haven't been there, come on over at 8 Friday night.

Sorry for the late notice.

See below for details on the Kerouac House event.


Kerouac Friends and Faithful-
Please join us for this special Kerouac House Event.
Current Resident, Mona R. Washington bids farewell with an "Orlando premier" of a scene from her original play, "Woolite". The dramatic reading will be directed by John DiDonna featuring actors Dennis Neal and Val Gamble.

Synopsis: What happens when a wife's biggest fear (about her husband's fidelity) doesn't even come close to the reality?
Friday, 11/12/10 at 8 PM (doors open)
Program Starts at 8:30 PM
Q&A and Reception Follows
1418 Clouser Ave., Orlando, FL 32804
As always, donations are appreciated.
For a fundraiser this evening, we will have a selection of handcrafted bracelets by Ilyse Kusnetz available for a donation of $20. These make lovely gifts and all donations directly support the Kerouac Project programs. Thanks Ilyse!
We hope to see you Friday.
Please park on Shady Lane. Bring a snack to share!
The Kerouac Project

Monday, November 1, 2010

First Friday this month will be on Nov. 12 (second Friday)

First Friday this month will be not on the First Friday but on the second Friday of November. Spread the word, and see you then.