The Penland Cabin

The Penland Cabin
Summer, 2005

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Story Workshop: National Dzanc Day

Reminder to First Friday-ers that there's no First Friday this month (April).

I wanted to contact you directly to let you know that on April 9 I'm teaching a short fiction workshop at the former Urban Think Bookstore, now called Urban ReThink/Burrow Books. The poster above says a lot but I wanted to tell you the whole deal with the class.

We'll convene at 9 AM and it is basically a writing day. Nine to 2:00 PM. I will give some prompts, and my intent is not that you bring something you're working on but that you come and try to write a story, a new story you never knew you were going to write and then, lo, by 2 PM you're far enough long that you would never want to quit on it. The following Saturday we would "meet" by email, hopefully with the stories revised enough so you're ready for some feedback. We'll figure out how to have small groups trade papers, and we'll discuss issues you ran into as you wrote it.

It costs a mere $30, and all of that goes to the wonderful Dzanc Books, friend of new and emerging writers. Think of it as a contribution to the Indie and Small Press scene. If you're interested in a writing day and seeing if you can get a new story going, please join us. The prompts will be great, the company (you know who you are, writers!) will be greater yet. The over-big poster above tells you how to sign up, and please also email me at
if you want to come and also if you are having any trouble registering.